Programs & Events

New Art Show!

Apraxia Awareness Day Kids Art Exhibit is now open at the Imaginarium.  The Show will be up until April June 8th.  Hours of the Imaginarium are Tues-Sat 9am-4pm.


Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am-10am for Story & Discovery Hour at The Imaginarium. 

Free for Children 2-5.  Free coffee for parents!

Schedule for May 2019

Thursday May 7: Bird Feeder: It’s time to feed the birds one more time.

Thursday May 9: Handprint: We’ll need little hands to create something for mom. Happy Mother’s Day!

Thursday May 14: Puddle Art: I wonder what creative artwork will appear?

Thursday May 16: Lantern: This should surely light up any area.

Thursday May 21: Air Pressure Balloon Science: This will amaze you!

Thursday May 23: Paper Plate Donut: Decorate your donut anyway you want.

Thursday May 28: Bubble Print: This will blow you away!

Thursday May 30: DIY Silly Putty: This will work your fine motor skills.