Programs & Events

New Art Show!

Venerable Variations Art Show is now open at the Imaginarium.  The Show will be up until April 5th.  Hours of the Imaginarium are Tues-Sat 9am-4pm.

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday at 9am-10am for Story & Discovery Hour at The Imaginarium. 

Free for Children 2-5.  Free coffee for parents!

Schedule for MARCH 2019

Thursday Mar. 28: Shaving Cream Rain Clouds: This is a fun experiment. You’ll be amazed.

Schedule for APRIL 2019

Thursday April. 2: Salt Dough: Create your own masterpiece.

Thursday April. 4: Eggs in a Nest: This time of the year birdies are laying their eggs.

Thursday April. 9: Coffee Filter: See how you can blend colors together.

Thursday April. 11: Binoculars: I wonder what you’ll see.

Thursday April. 16: Jellybean Rainbow: Find out how jellybeans can make a colorful rainbow. This will be one sweet experiment.

Thursday April. 18: Hard Boiled Egg: Color your own Easter egg using shaving cream.

Thursday April. 23: Plant Seeds: You need to get your garden ready.

Thursday April. 25: Hyacinths Flower: Make a beautiful flower to hang in your kitchen.

Thursday April. 30: 3D Raindrops: Come see how you can make raindrops on your paper.