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Electric Grill

Enjoy beer, wine, and delicious food cooked in our energy efficient all-electric Rooftop Kitchen & Bar.

Video Wall

Displaying energy metrics as well as short features about energy and the Imaginarium

Eco Gym

Where our members can get a workout and help to power the building

Vertical Garden

Where we grow our own produce year round

Geothermal System

Geothermal energy helps keep the building warm in the winter and cool in the summer

Eco Lounge

View short inspirational features and take a virtual guided tour with Google Expeditions

Everbright Panels

Feel like a kid again with this modern take on a familiar toy

Solar Panels

92 Solar Panels provide the Imaginarium with the bulk of its energy


The Imaginarium was built as a unique space to creatively showcase and promote earth-friendly practices in order to positively demonstrate forward thinking and alternative methods of construction and development as well as educate our visitors on the technology and benefits of renewable energy resources.


Eco Gym

Where human energy is turned into electricity!

The Eco Gym features 16 Spin bikes arranged for Spin Classes, plus two recumbent bike and two elliptical trainers.

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Host Your Next Event at the Imaginarium

Rent this unique venue for your next gathering. Whether it’s a wedding reception, corporate event or anything in between, Contact our event manager at (585) 266-1068.


What’s The Imaginarium?

The Imaginarium at I-Square is a two-story, 9,000 sq. ft. Net-Zero-Energy (NZE) Education Center for Art and Science.
In addition to a geothermal heating, cooling and ventilating system, the Imaginarium generates electricity on site with the following renewable sources:

26 kW Solar PV System (60%)
Two 8.9 kW Small Wind Turbines (35%)
21 Power-Generating Exercise Machines (5%)

The Imaginarium houses a vertical garden with a hydropower demonstration area, education space, and a real-time dashboard showing building energy performance.

The seasonal rooftop also features a high efficiency, all electric kitchen and bar accommodating visitors on both The Imaginarium and Building 1, The Market at I-Square,  connected via a rooftop walkway.

This project is part of the Cleaner, Greener Communities program, a major statewide initiative encouraging communities to incorporate sustainability goals and principles into local decision-making, and then form partnerships to transform markets that lead to the reduction of emissions and the generation of economic development benefits. The program, administered by NYSERDA, also empowers communities to take action, providing technical resources and decision-making tools on land use, housing, transportation, energy, economic development and environmental practices, resulting in a more vibrant and prosperous New York State.

Visit Us

Stop in during our regular hours or contact us to book a tour for your group.

500 Bakers Park
Rochester, NY 14617