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Solar Panels

Solar Panels

Imaginarium Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Array Facts

The Imaginarium has (92) Sunmodule 300-watt solar panels on the roof: (68) of them are installed on the rooftop pergola, above the seasonal outdoor seating area; (24) of them are installed on the 3rd-floor penthouse.

All of the solar panels were installed at a fixed 10-degree angle, and the spacing between them was set to maximize the solar power creation (electricity) in the summer months when the daylight hours are the longest, and the sun is at its highest position in the sky. In the winter months, particularly in December when the daylight hours are the shortest, and the sun angle is low, our solar panels are expected to produce very little electricity.

The electrochemical reaction in a solar panel that creates electricity does NOT require clear sunny skies: it simply requires the sun to be up – our solar panels will produce electricity even on cloudy days.

Made in the USA! Our 92 solar panels were manufactured by the SolarWorld plant in Hillsboro, Oregon. SolarWorld has been producing solar panels at this location since 1975. Ramar Steel, located on Portland Avenue in Rochester, fabricated and installed the rooftop pergola and the penthouse racking system.

Our solar panels are strong! They are 66” long x 39” wide, their front surface is made of tempered safety glass, and the 60 solar cells in each panel are 6×6”. They can be walked on and are made to withstand 1-1/2” hail stones.

LTHS Solar designed our solar panel system in Fairport, NY. It is a 27.6kW rated system, and is expected to generate an average of 32,380 kWh of electricity annually, which is about 60% of our annual demand.

Visitors can learn more about SOLAR POWER by watching the “Solar Power 101” video in our ECO Lounge.